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OPEN 13th March '17

Dear Denewear customers,

Sorry for any inconveniences. I am currently away from the office on holiday and unable to answer phone calls or send parcels but you can still contact me via email,

Kinds Regards


At Denewear, we have introduced a range of lighter waterproof, windproof outdoor clothing from Laksen and Swanndri, alongside our usual all-weather gear. They include fleeces and compound jerseys, together with fully fledged coats and other gear suitable for wearing in really wet but relatively mild weather.

  • Laksen Product Range


    Some of the finest mens shirts, belts, trousers and boots available…

  • Swanndri Product Range


    Swanndi garments keep the weather at bay and are so tough…

  • Muck Boot Company


There is no such thing as bad weather, only inappropriate clothing