RM Williams Sales List

To order from the RM Williams Sale, please call me on 01935 83638 or email sales@denewear.co.uk

Please note there will be a further £5.95 charged for Postage and Packaging

Kind Regards, Polly Dene

1Kimberly, LadiesBrown, Suede7G1£350£280.00  
2Gardener/ Yard BootBlack, Greasy Kip7+H1£335£268.00  
3Comfort CraftsmanTanbark, Kangaroo8G1£350£280.00  
4TurnoutBlack, Yearling8G1£350£280.00  
5CraftsmanChestnut, Yearling8+G1£350£280.00  
6Comfort CraftsmanChestnut, Yearling8+G1£350£280.00  
7Comfort CraftsmanBlack, Yearling8+G1£350£280.00  
8Comfort CraftsmanBlack, Yearling8H1£350£280.00  
9Buckle BootChestnut, Yearling8H1£400£320.00  
10Comfort CraftsmanChestnut, Yearling8+H1£350£280.00  
11CraftsmanBrown, Suede9G1£350£280.00  
12Comfort CraftsmanTanbark, Kangaroo9G1£350£280.00  
13TurnoutChestnut, Yearling9G1£350£280.00  
14Comfort TurnoutChestnut, Yearling9+G1£350£280.00  
15StockyardBrown, Latego9+H1£180£144.00  
16StockyardBlack, Latego9H1£180£144.00  
17Comfort TurnoutChestnut, Yearling10+G1£350£280.00  
18Comfort TurnoutChestnut, Yearling11G1£350£280.00  
19LachlanBrown, Vesta11H1£335£268.00  
20GammonBrown, Vesta11H1£335£268.00  
21StockyardBrown, Latego12H1£180£144.00  
22CB087Woven KangarooDark Brown321£199.95£119.97
23CB436.361.5 Inch Stockman Real CowhideDark Brown B2361£60.00£48
24CB516.36.38RMW Embodssed 1.75 Inch cow hideTan381£69.95£55.96
25CB454.41.30RMW Buckle BeltBrown (Warwick)301£69.95£55.96
26CB444.41.30Solid Hide, Work BeltChestnut301£60.00£48
27CB444.02.36Solid Hide, Work BeltBlack361£60.00£48
28CB096.02.281.5 Inch covered buckle beltBlack281£60.00£48
29CB096.02.301.5 Inch covered buckle beltBlack301£60.00£48
30CB096.02.421.5 Inch covered buckle beltBlack421£60.00£48
31CB096.41.341.5 Inch covered buckle beltChestnut342£60.00£48
32CB096.41.381.5 Inch covered buckle beltChestnut381£60.00£48
33CB096.41.441.5 Inch covered buckle beltChestnut441£60.00£48
34CB096.41.281.5 Inch covered buckle beltChestnut281£60.00£48
35CB096.41.301.5 Inch covered buckle beltChestnut301£60.00£48
36CB096.82.361.5 Inch covered buckle beltBiscuit (end of line)Biscuit (end of line)361£60.00£30
37CB432.41.32Ranger Solid Hide 1.25 InchChestnut321£60.00£48
38CB432.41.44Ranger Solid Hide 1.25 InchChestnut441£60.00£48
39CB439.41.301.5 Inch Solid hide work beltChestnut301£60.00£48
40CB439.02.401.5 Inch Solid hide work beltBlack401£60.00£48
4115 oz Sueded Moleskin JeanBrown31 R1£134.95£94.47  
4216 oz Sueded Moleskin JeanNavy32 L1£134.95£94.47  
4317 oz Sueded Moleskin JeanBurgandy35 S1£134.95£94.47  
4418 oz Sueded Moleskin JeanDark Green38 L1£134.95£94.47  
4519 oz Sueded Moleskin JeanNavy40 L1£134.95£94.47  
4620 oz Sueded Moleskin JeanNavy42 R1£134.95£94.47  
4721 oz Sueded Moleskin JeanNavy44 R1£134.95£94.47  
48Sueded Moles, Reg Fit, LWeight, JeanPale Green30 R1£119.95£83.97  
49Sueded Moles, Reg Fit, LWeight, JeanPale Blue30 R1£119.95£83.97  
50Sueded Moles, Reg Fit, LWeight, JeanBlack31 R1£119.95£83.97  
51Sueded Moles, Reg Fit, LWeight, JeanBlue/Black31 R1£119.95£83.97  
52Sueded Moles, Reg Fit, LWeight, JeanRed32 R1£119.95£83.97  
53Sueded Moles, Reg Fit, LWeight, JeanGreen/Brown32 R1£119.95£83.97  
54Sueded Moles, Reg Fit, LWeight, JeanBeige32 R1£119.95£83.97  
55Sueded Moles, Reg Fit, LWeight, JeanGreen/Brown32 L1£119.95£83.97  
56Sueded Moles, Reg Fit, LWeight, JeanLight Brown33 R1£119.95£83.97  
57Sueded Moles, Reg Fit, LWeight, JeanBeige34 R1£119.95£83.97  
58Sueded Moles, Reg Fit, LWeight, JeanRed34 R2£119.95£83.97  
59Sueded Moles, Reg Fit, LWeight, JeanBeige34 R1£119.95£83.97  
60Sueded Moles, Reg Fit, LWeight, JeanBlack36 R1£119.95£83.97  
61Sueded Moles, Reg Fit, LWeight, JeanBeige36 R1£119.95£83.97  
62Sueded Moles, Reg Fit, LWeight, JeanPale Blue38 R1£119.95£83.97  
63Sueded Moles, Reg Fit, LWeight, JeanBeige38 R1£119.95£83.97  
64Sueded Moles, Reg Fit, LWeight, JeanTan38 L1£119.95£83.97  
65Sueded Moles, Reg Fit, LWeight, JeanGreen/Brown40 L1£119.95£83.97  
66Cleanskins Moleskin JeanBlack31 L1£129.95£90.97  
67Cleanskins Moleskin JeanBlack33 S1£129.95£90.97  
68Cleanskins Moleskin JeanBlack34L1£129.95£90.97  
69Cleanskins Moleskin JeanBlack38R1£129.95£90.97  
70Cleanskins Moleskin JeanBeige38 R1£129.95£90.97  
71Cleanskins Moleskin JeanBeige38 L1£129.95£90.97  
72Cleanskins Moleskin JeanBeige42 L1£129.95£90.97  
73Jamestown Moleskin Jean 10ozLight Brown33 L1£135£81.00  
74Overseer Moleskin JeanLight Brown36 R1£135£81.00  
75Moleskin Jean, Heavy weight, LinesmanDark Brown36 R1£135£81.00  
76Moleskin Jean, Heavy weight, LinesmanBrown40 L1£135£81.00  
77Luxury Slim Fit Linesman JeanDark Beige32 R1£119.95£84.00  
78Linesman Jean Slim FitDark Navy30 R1£99.95£69.95  
79Linesman Jean Slim FitDark Navy34 L2£99.95£69.95  
80Linesman Jean Reg FitDark Brown36 R1£99.95£69.95  
81Linesman Jean Reg FitBeige38L1£99.95£69.95  
82Linesman Jean Reg FitTan44 R1£99.95£69.95  
83Moleskin Trouser 15oz, SotckmanBeige32 L1£134.95£94.47  
84Moleskin Trouser 15oz, SotckmanBeige33 L1£134.95£94.47  
85Moleskin Trouser 15oz, SotckmanBeige33 S1£134.95£94.47  
86Moleskin Trouser 15oz, SotckmanBeige35 S1£134.95£94.47  
87Moleskin Trouser 15oz, SotckmanBeige38 R1£134.95£94.47  
889.8 Sueded Cotton Flat Front TrouserBeige36 R1£99.95£69.95  
899.8 Sueded Cotton Flat Front TrouserLight Brown40R1£99.95£69.95  
909.8 Sueded Cotton Flat Front TrouserBrown40 L1£99.95£69.95  
919.8 Sueded Cotton Flat Front TrouserNavy (colour faded)42 L1£99.95£40.00  
92Drill RidersBeige32 L1£110£77.00  
93Drill RidersBeige34 R1£110£77.00  
94Drill RidersBeige38 R1£110£77.00  
95Brachina Gorge, flat front chinoJean Blue Denim36 R1£94.95£56.97  
96Brachina Gorge, flat front chinoJean Blue Denim38 R2£94.95£56.97  
97Moleskin Flat Front TrouserDark Brown32 R1 £50.00  
9812oz Mount Edgar Moleskin JeanNavy38S1£94.95£47.47  
99Peroomba JeanBeige35 R1 £40.00  
100Beringarra Jean, corduroyBrown32 R1 £60.00  
10112oz Edeowie George JeanBlue Denim34 L1£94.95£66.46  
10212oz Edeowie George JeanBlue Denim35 R1£94.95£66.46  
103Prospect Denim Reg Fit JeanBlue Denim34 R1£114.95£80.46  
104Prospect Denim Reg Fit JeanBlue Denim34 L1£114.95£80.46  
105Prospect Denim Reg Fit JeanBlue Denim35 R1£114.95£80.46  
106Prospect Denim Reg Fit JeanBlue Denim35 L1£114.95£80.46  
107Prospect Denim Reg Fit JeanBlue Denim38R1£114.95£80.46  
108Gawler Jeans reg fit denimBlue Denim31R1 £65.95  
109Gawler Jeans reg fit denimBlue Denim36 R1 £65.95  
110Legends JeanBlue Denim30 L1£114.95£80.46  
111Legends JeanBlue Denim36 L1£114.95£80.46  
112Legends JeanBlue Denim40 R1£114.95£80.46  
113AAAXB Wool Denim JeanBlue Denim31 R1£99.95£69.95  
114Cotton Drill BrigalowBlueXXL1£119.95£71.97  
115Hawker Shirt MoleskinBeigeS1£75.95£45.57  
116Strickland ShirtBlue White Stripe3XL1£74.95£44.97  
117Moleskin long sleeveTanL1£59.95£35.97  
118Moleskin long sleeveDark NavyL1£59.95£35.97  
119Port ElliotBrown/Blue/Cream CheckXL1£74.95£44.97  
120Moreton Bay PoloRedM1£44.95£31.47  
121Moreton Bay PoloGreenM1£44.95£31.47  
122Patterson Creek VestNavy, pufferXXL1£64.95£45.47  
123Stockyard, Quilpie VestNavy, fleeceXL1£42£29  
124Dryskin Anorak JacketBrownS1£159.95£95.97  
125Dryskin Anorak JacketBrownM2£159.95£95.97  
126Dryskin Anorak JacketBrownL2£159.95£95.97  
127Stockman's Boot PolishBlack10£9.95£8   
128Stockman's Boot PolishChestnut9£9.95£8   
129Saddle and Leather Dressing200g6£12.95£11   
130Suede Protector 2£10.95£9.00   
131Suede Cleaner 3£10.95£9.00   
132TJ232.05.1615oz Moleskin Jean Reg FitBeige161£94.95£47.47 
133T689.S718 SLovat Moleskin JeanDark Beige181£94.95£47.47 
134TJ202.75.15Stretch Denim JeansDark Blue12L2£119.95£59.97 
135TJ202.75.14Stretch Denim JeansBiege143£119.95£59.97 
136TJ202.75.17Stretch Denim JeansDark Blue14L1£119.95£59.97 
137TJ202.75.16Stretch Denim JeansDark Blue161£119.95£59.97 
138TJ689.45.14Moleskin Slim FitDark Blue141£109.95£54.97 
139TJ208.U2.08Sueded Reg Fit Light WeightPink81£109.95£54.97 
140TJ208.45.10Sueded Reg Fit Light WeightDark Blue101£109.95£54.97 
141TJ208.U2.10Sueded Reg Fit Light WeightPink101£109.95£54.97 
142TJ208.01.14Sueded Reg Fit Light WeightRed141£109.95£54.97 
143TJ280.05.08RDarling Range JeanBeige8 R1£114.95£57.47 
144TJ280.05.08RDarling Range JeanBlack14R1£114.95£57.47 
145TJ280.0508.0116RDarling Range JeanDark Beige16 R1£114.95£57.47 
146TJ280.02.18RDarling Range JeanBlack18 R1£114.95£57.47 
147TJ332.02.10RLochinvar JeanBlack10 R1£109.95£54.97 
148TJ332.08.12RLochinvar JeanBrown12 R1£109.95£54.97 
149TJ315.6V.16RBindara JeansDrk Blue Denim16 R179.95£39.75 
150TJ437.CI.14Legends Low Rise Slim Fit JeanDenim141£144£72 
151SK712.34.14Moleskin Pannel SkirtDark Beige141 £30 
152SK712.34.16Moleskin Pannel SkirtDark Beige161 £30 
153JA340.75.08Wilpena Creek Vest, Body WarmerCream81£64.95£51.96 
154JA340.45.10Wilpena Creek Vest, Body WarmerDark Blue101£64.95£51.96 
155JA340.02.12Wilpena Creek Vest, Body WarmerBlack121£64.95£51.96